Month: April 2018

Amateurs in Ireland receive new spectrum allocation between 30-49 MHz

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Dermot, EI7IX, noted on the ON4KST chat room that the Irish regulator, COMREG, has released new licence guidelines – the highlight of which is a new secondary allocation between 30-49 MHz.

COMREG document

Slovenia and South Africa already have small allocations around 40 MHz.

The multi-frequency beacon, GB3RAL, is active on 40.0050 MHz. This raises the question of some kind of allocation (probably secondary) in the UK.

One can examine the Ofcom Frequency Allocation Table (2017) to see who the existing users of this spectrum are in the UK to determine the possibilities.

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Preparing for the Sporadic-E season

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Having proved an interesting experiment, the 2m/70 cm SDRPlay antenna was removed to prepare for the arrival of the Sporadic-E season on VHF.


The flowchart below indicates the new signal processing arrangement:

Except for brief periods of transmission, the intention is to continuously monitor a range of frequencies and modes on the 50, 70 and 144 MHz bands simultaneously in the hope of capturing short-duration propagation enhancements. This to run concurrently with the existing monitoring from the Wellbrook Loop which covers from 2200-10m.



MSK144 24/7 coverage of 6m, 4m and 2m.


WSPR 24/7 coverage of 2200, 630,160,80,60,40,30,20,17,15,12,10,6,4,2m
FT8 24/7 coverage of 6m,4m,2m and 8 lower bands (MF/HF) dependent on day/night.
CW coverage shadows the 8 FT8 MF/HF bands.
Other modes on an ad-hoc basis, such as Opera, contingent on spare CPU capacity.


144.360 MHz MSK144, EB1HRW QRB 1349 km


144.174 MHz FT8, DC2TH QRB 1104 km
144.4285 MHz JT65b, GB3VHF reception QRB 357 km
144.174 MHz FT8, Sunday afternoon
The 50 and 70 MHz monitor PC, showing MSK144 activity
SDR Console V3 on Core I5 PC (Mode names added to picture)


I tried to hear G3ZJO on 2m Opera. I did not succeed, but he decoded me:
Eddie, G3ZJO, receiving my Opera signal on 2m QRB 221 km
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