Testing the Red Pitaya on 70 MHz (4m)

The Red Pitaya should not be able to receive signals on the 70 MHz band. The user manual states a range of DC-62.5 MHz. That being said, I decided to ignore the manual and perform some tests using WSPR to see if any results could be obtained.

Firstly, the write-c2-files.cfg file in Pavel Demin’s WSPR transceiver software was modified to add a line which included a centre frequency of 70.0925 MHz (70.091 + 1500 Hz).

Modified write-c2-files.cfg file

WSPR transmissions were started from the home location (IO83LS) which is 29 km from the receive site (IO83QV). In the absence of a 4m receive antenna, the 6m antenna was used. Despite this, multiple decodes were achieved.

70 MHz WSPR transmission successfully decoded

To get additional confirmation, further tests were conducted with Bri, G0MJI, near Liverpool.

G0LUJ received by the Red Pitaya of G0MJI

The ability of the Red Pitaya to receive on 70 MHz will be useful in the forthcoming tropo and sporadic-E season as CW Skimmer Server will be able to continually scan the band for beacon and other CW activity and provide early indication of elevated conditions.

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