Optimising audio bandwidth on the KiwiSDR

After comparing the KiwiSDR’s audio with an SDR from a different platform, I decided to look into the filter settings of the KiwiSDR.

The default settings on USB (and LSB) are a receive bandwidth of 2400 Hz, with a low of 300 Hz and high of 2700 Hz. While this is a good setting for weak signal intelligibility, on strong local signals a wider filter will produce more pleasing audio – particularly through headphones.

To change the filter, tune in then zoom on the waterfall to your signal of interest. The ends of the yellow filter bar above the signal on the waterfall are draggable by the mouse when clicked and held, enabling the high and low setting of the filter response to be changed to suit the signal of interest, resulting in more rounded audio.

80m LSB, audio response changed to 0 – 2900 Hz

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