Reducing Ethernet interference

Ethernet switches, routers and cables are a known potential source of interference to reception. The effect was visible using the KiwiSDR on the 20 metre band with spikes every 60 kHz.

To mitigate this interference source, the switch was changed from a TP-Link unit to a Netgear GS305. It was hoped that having a switch in a metal case would be better than one in plastic. In addition, all LAN cables were changed to shielded CAT6 and the switch placed 20 metres away from the receivers.

A subsequent check displayed significantly reduced interference.

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  1. My solution was to set the LAN network to 10Mbits/s and all has QRM gone.
    (i’m still on ADSL 8Mbits/s so no problem in my case)

    1. A recent release of the KiwiSDR software enables user switching of the network speed, extract below:

      ‘v1.250 December 31, 2018

      Add Ethernet 10/100 speed select to admin network tab.

      The speed changes after a few seconds of delay (no Kiwi restart required).
      This allows you to be looking at a waterfall in another window and see if
      the Ethernet spurs (if present at your installation) improve or not.

      Be sure the device (router, switch) your Kiwi connects to supports 10 Mbps Ethernet.’

      1. Sorry for the delay
        my solution was :
        root@kiwisdr:~# apt-get install ethtool (not sure it’s already installed by default)
        root@kiwisdr:~# ethtool -s eth0 speed 10 duplex full


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