Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) Real-Time Azimuthmal Map

A new release of RBN Aggregator now supports FT8 in addition to the traditional modes. It was installed at this location as seen below:

G0LUJ RBN Aggregator 5.1, monitoring 8 bands

Given the large volumes of textual data, interpretation of the monitoring results was difficult – what was needed was a real-time graphical solution that could easily provide a general overview of propagation conditions based on the data.

HA8TKS, with credit to an idea by CT1BOH, has implemented such a solution which I have found to be very useful. It defaults to the last 15 minutes of RBN data from the spotter that is selected and auto-updates. Observing the path lines on the globe over a few minutes gives one a very quick indication of conditions at that spotter’s location. I have added a link to the website top menu.

Map of RBN Spotter G0LUJ

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