Noise found and mitigated on 20m, source – Dell PC

A Dell Core-I5 PC was installed near to the receiver location for running CW Skimmer Server and other decoders. It was evident that the 20m band was affected by noise, which increased when the computer was switched on. The PC and its PSU were the cause, the effects went away when the PC was moved some distance away from the receiver. As CW Skimmer Server will be running over ethernet, sharing the same switch, moving the PC away and using shielded ethernet cable back to the switch is a satisfactory solution for the moment.

Some isolated ethernet spikes remain – I will try and tackle these with ferrites at a later time.

Interference from Dell PC located next to the receiver.
Dell PC switched off, PSU on. Interference reduced but still visible.
Dell PC and PSU switched off. No PC interference.
Dell PC on, but relocated 30m away. No PC interference.

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