Improved HF conditions return

After the solar storm of last weekend, settled conditions have finally returned to the HF bands.

It is typical to see the Mid-West ‘wall’ in place with all signals to the West (except the exceptional) not making the trip to Europe. Today the West coast of the USA was coming through very well on 20m.

K6AR on 20m CW from California received on the KiwiSDR (Click for Video)

630m WSPR activity is increasing, and Trans Atlantic propagation will probably return this month – an event we are watching for on a daily basis.

Although Sporadic-E is still evident from time to time, over the last week the openings have been brief and it’s clear the season is ending. The bands above 17m have been mostly quiet – as without Sporadic-E enhancement the low sunspot numbers do not support propagation on the higher bands at this latitude.

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