136 kHz JT9-5 vs JT9-10 test results

Results from N1BUG on JT9-5 and JT9-10 test here

Results from JT9-1/2/5/10 test here

Closing remarks:

Closing Remarks
On the basis of this test it is evident JT9-10 mode in SlowJT9 decodes 
at lower signal level than JT9-5 can. Confidence in this test is lower
than for previous runs. Many receiving stations had software configuration
issues. Nevertheless there is clear evidence JT9-10 decodes more times in
a given night than JT9-5 when signals are weak.

Additional reports for single modes were received from several stations.
In addition, several stations sent reports which could not be reasonably
processed (e.g. stations which were also transmitting). All reports are

This experiment ended abruptly at dawn on January 16 due to fire in the
antenna loading coil!



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