28 MHz Beacons Spring Return?

Some may have noticed an absence of postings over the last few months. There has not been much to report – the LF/MF reception is as expected, the antenna/receiver/decoder system has been functioning well, and I’ve made no changes to the configuration. I have been waiting for the higher bands to show some lease of life, which seems to have occurred today.

Apart from the local beacon GB3XMB – which is received by ground-wave – the CW beacon segment of 10m has been mostly silent at G0LUJ since the small seasonal Christmas enhancement in 2018.

Today, a number of European beacons were decoded over a long period. Consequently, I will shortly reactivate my KiwiSDR 10m beacon monitor page.

Beacons received:

G0LUJ  DM0AAB 28277.4 CW BCN 13 dB 14 wpm 1416z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  DM0AAB 28277.4 CW BCN 9 dB 17 wpm 1404z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  SK7GH/B 28298.1 CW BCN 8 dB 16 wpm 1322z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  SK7GH/B 28298.1 CW BCN 5 dB 16 wpm 1310z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  SK0CT 28292.3 CW BCN [LoTW] 8 dB 10 wpm 1305z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  SK0CT 28292.3 CW BCN [LoTW] 3 dB 10 wpm 1254z 15 Mar
G0LUJ  LA5TEN 28237.5 CW CQ 5 dB 18 wpm 1238z 15 Mar

Additionally, DB0UM and DB0TEN were copied by manual observation at 1425z and 1437z.

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