24 MHz and up Reception 24-31 March 2019

I’ve been following the interesting blog of John, EI7GL. I have a common interest in monitoring the higher HF bands and, recently, some of the VHF bands for any openings that may occur in the challenging location of North West Europe. So, starting today, I will catalogue any interesting observations at the end of each day for the record to complement John’s efforts. Modes will be FT8 and CW (captured by CW Skimmer).

I’ve set the lowest band for observation at 24 MHz (12m). Quite often at higher latitudes the MUF is high enough for 12m, but not for 10m. I’m interested to see how often 12m is open, but 10m is not, on any particular day.


Antennas / Receivers:

12m / 10m / 6m – Wellbrook Loop ALA100LN, Red Pitaya+SDRPlay RSP 1, Locator: IO83LS, Lytham.

4m – Nil – plan is to be added later

2m – 4 Element Quad, SDRPlay RSP 1, Raspberry Pi3b, Locator: IO83QV, Bowland Forest


Sunday 24 March 2019

12m – An opening to South America – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina between 1200-1400z

10m – An outlier, ZP4KFX, heard but mostly only open to South West Europe

2m –  UK, Ireland and just into the European continent.

Monday 25 March – Nil on 12m/10m. Locals only on 6m/2m.

Tuesday 26 March – Nil on 12m/10m. Locals only on 6m/2m.

Wednesday 27 March – Nil on 12m/10m. Locals only on 6m/2m.

Thursday 28 March – EA8OM on 12m. Locals only on 10m/6m/2m.

Friday 29 March – Nil on 12/10m. Locals only on 6m/2m.

Saturday 30 March – Nil on 12m/10m. Locals on 6m, F1JG on 2m.

Sunday 31 March

Nil on 12m. Poland on 10m.

6m – MSK144 produced European openings.

2m – High activity levels, but no real DX


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