Caravan and 10m WSPR beacon

I’ve recently been able to make use of a caravan for some radio activities.

The (temporary) antennas are in the picture below:

24/7 monitoring and reporting of FT8 on 50.313 and 144.174 MHz is accomplished through two SDRPlay units and two Raspberry Pis.

An IC7100 transceiver and CG3000 auto-ATU facilitates HF WSPR from 160m-10m.

Today, 4th April 2019, was the first reception of my low powered WSPR beacon using the Zachtek TX_LP1 unit.

The purpose of the installation was to provide a stand-alone WSPR capability to help detect short openings on 10m, such as Sporadic-E. The power is about 1W from a small amplifier and it uses a 10m mobile whip on top of the caravan.

Today, the beacon was picked up by OZ7IT, indicating the completed installation may well be capable of fulfilling its stated purpose:

2019-04-04 11:52 G0LUJ 28.126043 -18 2 IO83ls 1 OZ7IT JO65df 1001 74
2019-04-04 11:46 G0LUJ 28.126114 -14 2 IO83ls 1 OZ7IT JO65df 1001 74

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