July 2019 Update

I have not updated this website for many weeks due to a lack of new activities worth writing about.

A short update on existing activities:

1) The Wellbrook Loop and FT8/CW reception from IO83ls:

After much optimisation, I have settled on a configuration that appears to be the best compromise. Trying to cover multiple propagation modes on 2200m to 6m with one antenna will always be sub-optimal. As a measure of effectiveness I have monitored the real-time WSPR spots chart of WA2ZKD. I’m placed just outside the non-US/CA top 10, a position which is reasonable considering the various compromises and my location.

An interesting observation is how low my score is on the 30m band compared to other Europeans. This will be due to my affliction with strong vDSL interference from 8.5-12 MHz which I can’t do anything about.

Activity on the 10m CW beacon band has been seen most days – 3 July 2019 below.

2) 2m FT8 reception from IO83qv:

I took down the 50 MHz 2 element HB9CV and replaced it with a 144 MHz 4 element quad. Stations in Germany were received recently on 144.174 MHz FT8.

The installation has only been partially successful – DX is rarely heard despite the good location – so will be replaced with something else.

3) Zachtek 200mW 10m WSPR beacon transmitter from IO83qv:

A successful project. Regularly heard in Europe by Sporadic-E, and occasionally in the Canaries and French Guyana.

G0LUJ_10M_TX_WSPR.pdf (last 2 weeks, filtered for unique decodes)


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