BeagleBone AI, KiwiSDR and wsprdaemon make possible 14 band WSPR monitor in one assembly

The KiwiSDR receiver plugs into a BeagleBone Green or BeagleBone Black. has released BeagleBone AI, with improved specifications.

The extra speed and capacity of the AI have enabled the KiwiSDR software to expand its capabilities to 14 simultaneous receivers. When used with the wsprdaemon script it is possible to cover all 14 WSPR allocations from 136 kHz to 28 MHz. An essential item to note is cooling – the BBAI comes with no fan or heat-sink and external cooling is essential if overheating is to be avoided. It is possible to run the internal KiwiSDR WSPR decoder rather than wsprdaemon, however using the wsprdaemon script greatly reduces the workload.





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