630m conditions and activity continue to improve

With the progression to winter in the northern hemisphere, there has been a significant improvement in signals and activity on the low bands of 2200m and 630m. Trans Atlantic reception has gone from a rarity a few years ago to becoming routine, helped by the timing of the sunspot cycle and an uptick in activity in North America.

Over the night of Sunday 22nd to Monday 23rd December 2019, 125 individual WSPR-2 signals were received from North America, generated by 6 stations:

PDF detailed breakdown: 22-23_December_2019_630m_WSPR_TA_2

From the above, and other observations, it should be possible for a new operator on the east coast to ‘cross the pond’ on 630m after expending some effort in an efficient antenna which has a reasonable amount of Effective Radiating Power (ERP).

JT9-1, JT9-2, JT9-5, JT9-10, WSPR-15, Opera and Ebnaut activity are also present most nights, but WSPR-2 is the only mode I monitor 24/7 without any intervention so reception of these other modes is more occasional and drawing conclusions more difficult.

Congratulations to Chris, 2E0ILY, who is receiving much better than me on 2200m. My reception performance on 2200m has reduced over the last year – something I need to investigate.


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